How to learn Dutch? Tip 3 Building your Dutch vocabulary: Your main focus

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What should you focus on?

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I do understand you have a busy schedule and do not have all day for learning new Dutch words. There are plenty of different Dutch words out there. What should you focus on in the first place?

Your main focus must lie on learning everyday Dutch verbs like Werken (to work), Zijn (to be), Hebben (to have), Doen (to do), Willen (to want) etc.

Why are Dutch verbs so important?

Because they carry the main structure of a Dutch sentence like a bridge. Without them you will not be able to make a sentence, give an answer of ask a question.

Example: When you do not know a Dutch noun (a word like a bicycle) but you do know a right Dutch verb, you can still build a sentence or question with the Dutch structure:

 Ik heb een bicycle. Heb jij een bicycle?

Dutch people will understand and reply with something like: “You mean een fiets?“ In this way, you can learn new words from your conversations with Dutch people.

If you do not know the right Dutch verb, you cannot replace it with an English one. It means you cannot build a Dutch sentence and cannot say something in Dutch.

What’s next? Learning tip 3 How do you build your Active Vocabulary?

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A = aa N = en
B = bee O = oo
C = cee P = pee
D = dee Q = quu
E = ee R = er
F = ef S = es
G = gee T = tee
H = haa U = uu
I = ie V = vee
J = jee W = wee
K = kaa X = iks
L = el Y = ei
M = emm Z = ei

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