How to learn Dutch? Tip 11 How do you improve your Dutch speaking?

Why do you need feedback on your speaking?

learn dutchIf you do not get any feedback on your speaking, you will probably not know what you should work on. What should you improve? You may not know.

Our students take a speaking test at the end of our Dutch course. I have designed a 4-points feedback which they will receive from our teachers:

  1. Speech Recognition (Do you understand my questions?)
  2. Sentence structure (Is the sentence structure good?)
  3. Response Time (< 2 sec excellent, 2-3 good, 4-5 average, > 5 poor)
  4. Pronunciation (We give a personal feedback. What sounds should you work on?)

You can ask the same questions to all your speaking partners: 

  1. Heb je mij goed kunnen volgen? (Could you follow me well?)
  2. Heb je mij goed kunnen begrijpen? (Could you understand me well?)
  3. Was de structuur van mijn zinnen goed? (Was the structure of my sentences good?)
  4. Was ik snel genoeg met mijn reacties? (Was I quick enough with my responses?)
  5. Reageer ik te langzaam? (Am I reacting too slowly?)
  6. Spreek ik alle woorden goed uit? (Do I pronounce all words correctly?)
  7. Kun je een voorbeeld geven? (Can you give an example?)
Dutch Course Eindhoven TeacherTeacher Philippe
A = aaN = en
B = beeO = oo
C = ceeP = pee
D = deeQ = quu
E = eeR = er
F = efS = es
G = geeT = tee
H = haaU = uu
I = ieV = vee
J = jeeW = wee
K = kaaX = iks
L = elY = ei
M = emmZ = ei

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