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Dutch Course Eindhoven | Dutch Course Online Beginners A1 Level

Start learning Dutch Today!

You can book an Online Dutch course or an ‘Offline’ Dutch course in Eindhoven. You do not have to wait until the start of your Dutch lessons with our teachers! We offer a free online pre-course for our students! You will gain access to it directly after your booking so you can start learning Dutch with video lessons, audio, flashcards and vocabulary lists. Please scroll down for start dates and fees↓

Teacher Philippe, Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

I’m very happy to have found Dutch Academy Eindhoven. I had taken a previous course elsewhere and thought learning Dutch would be impossible as it all seemed too complicated, but our teacher did such a wonderful job at making the information understandable and digestible. I’m very happy to have signed up, and would happily take a course with them again! Can highly recommend!

Sadia, ex-student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

Is this Dutch Course for you?

Dutch Course Online

Virtual Classroom of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch Course Eindhoven

If all my language courses in the past would have this kind of an approach of teaching, I would be fluent in many languages by now! Very intensive course with a lot of additional study materials. Groups are small, both of the teachers are super nice, helpful and they really try to explain to you in that way that you understand. The most important, they encourage you to use the language in everyday situations.

Dutch Course EindhovenNina, student

Dutch course Eindhoven

The best option for learning Dutch is Dutch Academy. They teach Dutch in a simple way. Teachers have really passion to teach you and it is not just about teaching Dutch, they also work on your confidence to speak Dutch!  I am really satisfied with this course!

Razieh, student

This Dutch Course is for you if:

  • you want to learn a lot in a short period of time.
  • you want to learn Dutch well for your job or future.
  • you have time to study Dutch.
  • you know why you want or need to learn Dutch.
  • you want to practise Dutch speaking every week.
  • you want to learn how to speak and write Dutch well.
Teacher Philippe, Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

How do we teach Dutch?

We offer you our proven unique method to give you the best Dutch learning experience. You can also boost your confidence in our student-centered Dutch classes. The method started its development in 2013 with a main goal: to learn Dutch fast in an easy way. During the past years we have developed our method further to one of the best learning and teachings methods of the Netherlands.

Simple Dutch is for all students who want to speak Dutch confidently and naturally. This will help you to understand and feel comfortable in native Dutch-speaking cultures.

To help you do this, our classes focus on speaking, writing and grammar skills. Our method makes Dutch grammar visual and simple to understand so you can learn Dutch language in easy way and progress fast.

Teacher Philippe, Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

Dutch Course Eindhoven

This Dutch Course is not for you if:

  • you do not have time to learn Dutch.
  • you do not want to do any homework.
  • you do not want to practise Dutch speaking every week.
  • you do not know why you are learning Dutch.
  • you dislike learning new difficult things.
  • you are not committed and motivated to learn Dutch.
Teacher Philippe, Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven


Dutch course Eindhoven

The course is very well organised and the material is nice. The teaching is also outstanding. I loved the book, it is the reference any Dutch learner needs, and it includes a lot of exercises too. I highly recommend this course!

Aly, Student

Dutch course Eindhoven

Our Intensive Dutch Course consists of 3 parts:

  1. Dutch Lessons with our Dutch teacher every week
  2. Speaking Practice with Native Dutch speakers every week
  3. Online Learning (Homework) every week

Our Native Dutch speakers are online every evening except Saturdays and Sundays.

Teacher Philippe, Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Start learning Dutch Today!
You do not have to wait until the start of your course! We have an online library of Dutch study materials for our students. You can access it via our Student Dashboard. You will gain access to the Student Dashboard directly after your payment so you can start learning Dutch with videos, audio, books, flashcards, vocabulary lists or speaking to our Native Dutch speakers!

Teacher Philippe

The price goes up after every booking!

I highly recommend this course. Teaching approach is very structured and enjoyable which makes learning Dutch fun and easier than it is. I especially find it very useful to work with “formulated” way for Dutch grammar, helped me a lot!

Yasemin, Engineer NXP

The lessons in Dutch Academy are most importantly friendly and enjoying. We were not stressed and feel that we are in a serious lesson. Learning was easy because of the teachers special style of wording for the Dutch grammar and teaching. I recommend the course to anybody who really wants to learn ‘to speak and understand’ Dutch.

Ebru, Software Engineer Philips Healthcare

I totally recommend this course, it was very well spent money and a great start to know the language, classes were enjoyable and you learn a good basis in grammar to start increasing your vocabulary.

Alejandro, Product Manager Philips Lighting

I found an information about Dutch Academy of Eindhoven by google search and I am very satisfied with my choice. I was thinking that Dutch is a very difficult language and I will not be able to learn it, but thanks to the excellent explanation of my teachers, for me learning of Dutch became fun and easy. Thank you very much teachers Philippe & Maurice for explaining very difficult things in an easy way. I recommend to start learning of Dutch with Dutch Academy of Eindhoven. Read more …

Astghik, Student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven


What will I learn in your course?Dutch Course Eindhoven2021-04-07T15:21:12+02:00

Our Intensive Dutch Course consists of 3 parts:

1. Online Dutch Lessons with our Dutch teacher every week
2. Speaking Practice with Native Dutch speakers every week
3. Online Learning (Homework) every week

Learn more ..

Admission requirementsDutch Course Eindhoven2024-02-17T16:05:49+01:00

Entry requirements
Our courses are designed for highly educated people. Having a higher education degree or being a student at a university is a must. Please also take into account that our courses are not suitable for slow learners.

Language requirements
You must speak English if you want to be admitted to our A1 and A2 courses. Participation in our courses requires knowledge of the English language. At the beginner levels (A1 and A2) there must be a language of instruction. The language of instruction is English. You need to speak/understand English at least at level A2.

If you book our course and do not speak English well, we will cancel your booking. We will charge our administration fee (25 Euros) and refund the rest of your payment.

Please note: If you give us the wrong information about your level of English and during the first lesson it appears that you do not speak English well, your admission will be directly canceled. You will not be allowed to participate in the course anymore. You will not receive any refund.

The Dutch Placement (Admission) Test
We accept a limited number of students each year. You have to take our online placement (admission) test before you book our Dutch course. The test is mandatory. You can only enroll in our Dutch course if you have passed our online Admission test.

Students who intend to enroll in a Dutch course at the Dutch Academy Eindhoven and who have previously studied the Dutch language elsewhere must complete the Dutch Placement Test for A2 or B1 level. Students who have never studied the language must complete the Placement (Admission) Test for New Students.

By taking our placement test you agree to receive the newsletter, offers, and announcements from the Dutch Academy Eindhoven. Your name and email address will not be shared with any third party. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

We provide our placement test free of charge under these conditions:
We allow to take our placement test only once. If you wish to take our placement test more than once, you must get our permission. If you take our placement test more times without contacting us, we will charge you 25 Euros for every time you take the test without our permission. The administration fee is non-refundable.

If you book our course without taking the placement test, we will suspend your booking and ask you to take the test. If you do not pass the test (or you do not want to take the test), we will charge you an administration fee (25 Euros) and refund the rest of your payment. Payment fees for PayPal or credit card payments are not refundable.

Student account
You need a student account for e-learning and homework. Your account will be automatically generated after booking. Please use the same email address for every booking and your student account (Student Dashboard).

Do you have a partner? Book your courses separately. You and your partner need to use your own email addresses and have different accounts with us. Otherwise you will not be able to take our tests and receive your Dutch certificate.

Do you have a course at other times?Dutch Course Eindhoven2019-03-24T06:46:17+01:00

All available courses are already published on this page >. We do not have any other courses than the ones you can find on our website. If our courses are available for booking, you can enroll straightaway. Please take our Placement test first.

If our available courses do not fit in your schedule or if you need a flexible course, please book a private course.

Dutch Academy Eindhoven offers open admission for all Dutch courses to all students and non-students. It is a first-come-first-serve principle. We recommend that you reserve your seat in our course as early as possible by paying a course fee.

Can I book only 1 step?Dutch Course Eindhoven2021-04-07T15:26:06+02:00

You can book a package of steps. All steps are divided into 2 packages:

A1 level package = A1 Step 1 + A1 Step 2 + A1 Step 3.
A2 level package = A2 Step 1 + A2 Step 2.

If we have some spots left we may offer A1 Step 2, A1 Step 3, A2 Step 2 without a package. Please see this page for available packages and steps.

Missed lessons? I can’t attend all lessons.Dutch Course Eindhoven2018-07-10T14:15:12+02:00

Can I enroll in your course?
Yes. You can enroll in our course. Class lessons missed by the student will not be rescheduled. Retrieving (or refund) of missed group lessons is not possible.

How can I catch up on missed lessons?
You can find study materials (video, audio, books) and homework of all missed lessons on Student Dashboard. We are expecting you to catch up on your missed lessons by self-study (You can also book a Private lesson or a Skype lesson). You will find everything you need on Student Dashboard.

Do I need to take your