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If all my language courses in the past would have this kind of an approach of teaching, I would be fluent in many languages by now! Very intensive course with a lot of additional study materials. Groups are small, both of the teachers are super nice, helpful and they really try to explain to you in that way that you understand. The most important, they encourage you to use the language in everyday situations. I am really looking forward to attend A2 level in December!
Dutch Course EindhovenNina, Student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

It has been a wonderful experience of learning at Dutch academy. They have a very good course plan and also provide you with lot of material to enrich your vocabulary, sources of information to make you self sufficient. They teach the basics of Dutch, which is very important because we might say Dutch is close to English or the two languages share many words, but in fact, they are quite different. I would definitely definitely recommend this academy. Happy learning!

Divya, Student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

I never believed one can learn the new language within 3 months only! Excellent teachers and the support of the Dutch Native speakers. I’ve just enrolled on the next level! Learning with Dutch Academy Eindhoven is a pleasure!
Monika, Student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

I’m very happy to have found Dutch Academy Eindhoven. I had taken a previous course elsewhere and thought learning Dutch would be impossible as it all seemed too complicated, but our teacher did such a wonderful job at making the information understandable and digestible. I’m very happy to have signed up, and would happily take a course with them again! Can highly recommend!

Sadia, Ex-student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

I started A1 in Aug 20 / A2 in Nov 20 and B1 in Feb 21 – my only regret is that the Dutch Academy doesn’t continue on with B2… I speak 6 languages and work as an interpreter but would never have believed that it is possible to get to such a level in a new language in just 10 months! The teachers Philippe and Maurice put in a lot of effort and the study materials of Dutch Academy are excellent. I can only recommend signing up for these courses – it will give you a great basic knowledge of Dutch!

Nina, Student of Dutch Academy Eindhoven
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Dutch Academy Eindhoven
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 143 reviews
 by Alla Kryvosheyeva
Dutch level: A1

It was a very intensive level A1 Dutch course.
The structure of the lessons was logic and fun to do.
The study material is of a high standard and I enjoyed every lesson.
Homework was a lot, but very useful to understand the structure well.
I highly recommend the Dutch Academy Eindhoven!

 by Poornima
Dutch level: A2

Good interactive sessions and good assignments to practice. Highly recommend to learn Dutch quickly!

 by Ayla
Dutch level: A1

I have just completed the A1 course with Dutch Academy Eindhoven. The study environment is exactly what I was searching for: intensive, fast-paced, yet very structured and motivating. Professor Philippe made it enjoyable to learn a new language in a fun and dynamic way — not easy to do especially given the fact that we were online. Highly recommend!

 by Merve Ince Cobanoglu
Company: Vanderlande
Job: FP&A Controller
Dutch level: A1

I've just completed my A1 level in Dutch Academy of Eindhoven and enrolled in A2 immediately! The courses are very intensive, and the teaching methodology is very well-structured with all support and guide from professional teachers and helping you through several ways to improve your speaking level with Dutch Friends, native friends and so on. It's highly recommended!

 by Vildan Cicos-Acikan
Company: Philips
Job: Team Leader
Dutch level: A1

An intense but very efficient methodology to learn Dutch. Very professional and experienced teachers guide/help you to make good progress in a short time. I'm about to finalize my A1 soon and looking forward to start A2 soon. Highly recommended!

 by Egemen Engizek
Company: ASML
Job: Electrical Engineer
Dutch level: A1

At first I was intimidated by the complexity of the website, but once you learn how to 'surf' between the links, you get a lot of practices, videos, and exercises. Nicole is an amazing teacher and always push ourselves to the limit. Even though I finished A1 level, I have learned so much and now I can talk and write in Dutch easily. Totally recommended!

 by Helena Santos
Dutch level: B1

If you are serious about learning Dutch, I absolutely advise you to take this/these course(s), whether level A1, A2, B1 or the three. They are laborious but very worth it. I learned a lot in every lesson, the teachers are excellent, and the programme seems to me to be very complete. Unless you don't like to work too much, you will definitely learn and/or improve your Dutch!

 by Ohana Costa
Job: Researcher
Dutch level: A1-A2

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot! It is an intensive course, that requires several hours of homework and practice, but it is worthy. The method is nice, well planned and Maurice is a great teacher!

 by Adrienne van den Berg
Dutch level: A1

I have tried other methods to learn Dutch, and this is hands down the first time it actually clicked. Maurice is a very knowledgeable teacher (he's funny too!) who made classes engaging and enjoyable. It's an intensive course that requires dedication. I was not able to finish because life took over, but I will 100% be coming back when I'm ready. Highly recommended for a practical way to learn Dutch quickly!

 by Neha Raizada
Company: Tata Consultancy Services
Job: SAP Consultant
Dutch level: A2

I have cleared all my integration exams and all clear to get my PR :-) .
I just wanted to say "thank you" to you and Nicole for the Dutch lessons which made these exams look really easy. I did not need to prepare explicitly for the exam - thanks to the intensive course by Dutch Academy Eindhoven. I would recommend this school to all who are serious in learning a new language or writing the integration exam.
I am looking forward to B1 course now.

Thanks once again!

 by Cansu
Dutch level: A1

I am so happy that I started learning Dutch at Dutch Academy Eindhoven. I learned to express myself accurately and fluently in a short time. All course content has been carefully prepared and enriched to cover the events you may encounter in your daily life. Maurice and Philippe are highly experienced teachers. I am so lucky to have taken this course from them. I can't wait to start the A2 level. If you want to learn Dutch in a short time and in the most fun way, I highly recommend you to join Dutch Academy Eindhoven.

 by Shiva
Job: Finance Leader
Dutch level: A1

Terrific community and curriculum. As someone who struggles learning languages, I found this to be the perfect mix of grammar, speaking, and writing exercises. The teachers are terrific and I really enjoyed taking A1 with an amazing group of people. Looking forward to moving up to A2!

 by Murat
Job: Software Architect
Dutch level: A1

This course is splendid! Very enthusiastic teachers make the classes interactive and engaging so there is no boredom in this well-structured curriculum. Moreover, the course enables us to converse with native Dutch people (volunteered in the academy), which is an eloquently wondrous aspect!
Grammar work is exceedingly well-combined with daily - real life examples. Lots of homework (and the weekly given feedback) ensures you comprehend everything in time. Plenty of other materials are available for extra self-study. Reflecting myself that I didn't know a single word of Dutch 3 months ago, it is amazing how much I know (compared to ground 0) and even I can communicate to at least more than survival level in the Netherlands in such a short manner!
Heartfelt thanks and definitely coming back for A2!
Last but not least: As stated in the final exam: "Philippe en Maurice zijn inderdaad erg goede leraren"!

 by Rita
Dutch level: A1

At an amazing speed, you can easily learn Dutch in 11 weeks. I tried, got my A1 level and couldn't be happier. I am on my way to join A2! The teachers are amazing, and you get a lot of information and material to study from. Completely recommend!

 by Rodica
Job: Advocate
Dutch level: A2, hoping to start B1 soon

The A2 course was as good as the A1 course! Excellent teachers, clearly structured explanations and a motivated group of students. The rhythm is intensive and the homework is substantial so it does require serious commitment, but the progress is fast as well. Now I am waiting to see when a new B1 course that I can join will start!

 by Tsvetelina
Dutch level: A1

I am super satisfied with the course! It was very well created and thought out. Super engaging and enjoyed the team activities. The teacher was great and very patient and the overall structure and content of the course is great. Only thing I would like to note is that the course is indeed intense and at sometimes maybe a bit too much, so you have to spend time to study on your own.

 by Marina Ortiz García
Company: Brabant Kamer Orkest
Job: Violinist
Dutch level: A1

I am very happy with all that I have learned in so little time. I think this is a very complete course since it focuses on all the aspect that learning a new language requires: speaking, writting, reading, and listening. The teacher explains very good, you have more homework that you can finish and can speak with native Dutch friends. It's also very good that it's online. The best course without doubt!

 by Marco
Job: Engineer
Dutch level: B1

I have joined the Dutch Academy only for my B1 course but I regret it. By knowing how the B1 course and the lessons were structured, I should have done also the A1 and A2 courses here! The things that I liked the most are the opportunities outside the normal classes. You can speak with Fluent Dutch friends, learn new vocabularies or improve your weak points by doing the extra exercises that are shared by the school. Thanks a lot also to teacher Maurice for his skills and his way of teaching. I really enjoyed it.

 by Anneke Padolina
Dutch level: A2

I really enjoyed my courses with Dutch Academy Eindhoven, both A1 and A2. Nicole and Maurice were wonderful teachers. The classes are fast-paced (which is why I choose this school), so you need to go to class, do the homework, and devote the necessary time. If you put in the work, you will end up speaking Dutch much better than when you began! Thanks Dutch Academy :)

 by shenba
Dutch level: A1

I had a great experience with A1 level at Dutch academy. I am also going to do A2. It was a very well-structured and planned course. If You can be committed and are interested, you can definitely have a great learning experience here!

 by Nuwan
Job: Ph.D student
Dutch level: A1

I followed the Dutch A1 level and now continuing to A2 with the Dutch Academy Eindhoven since I really like the teaching style and also our teachers Nicole and Philippe. They have very friendly and clear teaching styles. The courses are intensive, you are always engaged with the Dutch language throughout the course by the way the teachers planned it (homework, speaking assignments, tests etc.). I can highly recommend courses in the Dutch Academy Eindhoven for anyone who is willing to learn the Dutch language in a most efficient way.

 by Priyanka
Dutch level: A1

I have just completed my A1 level, and I am very happy with this Academy. Amazing course structure and teachers. I would highly recommend this academy to others. Step-by-step guidance was provided and there were lots of scope for practicing. Again Highly recommended!!

 by Mattia Montalbano
Company: SHIMANO Europe
Job: Marketing Manager
Dutch level: A2

I had the pleasure to attend both to the A1 and the A2 courses with Dutch Academy. There is no easy way to learn a language! But here we were guided and incentivized to do the extra effort also outside classes. The entire system can in the beginning look intimidating or confusing.. But it works! Highly recommended!

 by Mine
Dutch level: A2

I learned a lot and also had fun during lessons. Teacher Maurice was very nice and instructive. I would recommend Dutch Academy to anyone!

 by Helena
Dutch level: A2

Once again, I am very pleased with the results and the smooth way the classes went. Maurice is a great teacher. He explains complicated topics (and simpler ones) very well, and his smart humour is a really nice bonus. We also have the opportunity to train a lot of speaking with colleagues and Dutch Friends, and the fact that some classes are oriented towards job interviews is very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dutch Academy Eindhoven to anyone who really wants to learn Dutch effectively!

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