Free Dutch Placement Test

Our Dutch Placement Test ensures that new students will enroll in the course that best suits their level of ability and that students share similar knowledge in any given Dutch course. It therefore helps make language classes an enjoyable experience for both the student and the teacher.

Students who intend to enroll in a Dutch course at Dutch Academy Eindhoven, and who have previously studied the Dutch language elsewhere, must first complete the Dutch Placement Test. Those students who have never studied the Dutch language before, must first complete the Placement Test for New Students. The test is not working on some mobile phones. Please use your computer or laptop.

Entry Requirements
1. Our courses are designed for highly educated people. Having a higher education degree or being a student at a university is an absolute must. Please take also into account that our courses are not suitable for slow learners.
2. You speak English well.
3. You are well motivated and committed to learning the Dutch language.

Teacher Philippe
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