Our course fees are based on Dutch lessons of our teachers. It means that you will have to find your way through our website by yourself. All information you need is already provided on our website and/or by email. You just need to read it and follow it.

Please take note, all our emails are provided only one time. Some of them have links with an expiration date, such as download-, course booking links or certificates. If you do not read or follow instructions from our emails on time, you will miss your certificates and other important information. We do not send any email and do not provide the same information twice. If you want us to resend an email, you need to pay an administration fee (10 euro).

If you have a question about our website, you can always ask your fellow student to help you with your inquiry!

If you can not find your way on our website by yourself or you have a custom request, you can book a personal (website) support appointment with us. We will be glad to help you with your inquiry.

Duration: 15-30 min

If you don’t want to book a personal (website) support appointment, you can visit our student helpdesk and try to solve your inquiry by yourself.