Online End Test

If you like to receive our certificate, you will need to take our online end test. You are allowed to take this test only one time. Your certificate will be automatically generated by our system directly after you complete the test. Your certificate will be provided to you by email. We provide only digital certificates. Please take note, you will receive your certificate only one time. This end test should be taken at the end of your course according to our course planning. If you do not follow our planning and take the test too early, you will not have another chance to retake the test and will not receive any other certificate. If you like to take the test again, you have to book our private lessons or take the same course again. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


Please enter your real name in the Voornaam and Achternaam box before you start. This name will be automatically added to your digital certificate! You can not change it later! Please take note, you can take this test only one time! Warning! Do not close your browser before you finish your test! Read all questions and answers very carefully! Good luck!

Voornaam en Achternaam