We reserve the right to change the physical group lessons at any location where the Academy offers them to lessons in our virtual classroom (via the internet) under extraordinary circumstances such as:

1. If our teacher is sick and we are not able to find a replacement in time, we may offer you an online lesson instead of one at the Academy. This also means that you may have the replacement lesson via the internet at a time other than your usual class time. Replacement lessons are offered on Saturdays or Sundays. We will send you an email with all instructions. Missed replacement lessons are not eligible for refund.

2. Epidemics (like the COVID-19) or other extraordinary circumstances. The outbreak of COVID-19 can constitute extraordinary circumstances as it is a serious public health emergency which can result in draconian public measures that are entirely out of our control. We follow the advice of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection) and keep track of the public situation in Eindhoven. As long as universities (TU/e, Fontys) continue education, we will continue our lessons. If they close, we will continue lessons in our virtual classroom on the internet. You will not be eligible for any refund.

We will always inform you by email about all changes to your course in advance. It is your responsibility to add our email address to your contacts and check your email (as well as Spam and all Gmail Tabs) daily.

If we are forced to close our offline lessons due to extraordinary circumstances and cannot offer online lessons instead, we reserve the right to postpone, change, or cancel your course and offer you a partial refund for the missed lessons.

Corona clausule in hybrid class format (online and offline students in 1 class)

Please take note: in a hybrid format, it is your choice as a student to attend the lessons online or face-to-face in Eindhoven. If you are anxious about getting infected by corona, we advise you to attend the class online.

We as a school feel the responsibility not to send a teacher to class if he is obviously sick. We expect the students to do the same. However, we cannot guarantee that no-one in the room is at risk of spreading corona.

Also take note that we do not, nor the venue, check for your vaccination status or QR-code. Under these circumstances, and by coming to class, please understand that you withhold us from any liability in connection to (possible) infections or illness after you having attended the lesson, whether the infection was actually (probably) contracted during the lesson or not.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should always self-quarantine and stay at home. In this case you can attend the lessons online. There are other circumstances in which you may need to self-quarantine, depending on your situation. If you arrive in the Netherlands from a very high-risk area, you must self-quarantine unless you are fully vaccinated. If a coronavirus test shows that you are infected, you must self-isolate, even if you are protected against coronavirus.

3. Our lessons take place in the building that also hosts musical events (The Dynamo building). The classroom is well isolated, but sometimes (special) musical events are held that can still cause disturbance. In such cases, we may decide to do one or more face-to-face lessons online. The teacher will communicate this timely in your Google Chat.

We care about a quiet learning environment and take precautions where possible, but if there is unexpected continuous noise disturbance during a lesson due to a (musical) event, the teacher can decide to stop the lesson and repeat it online at a later time.