Entry requirements
Our courses are designed for highly educated people. Having a higher education degree or being a student at a university is a must. Please also take into account that our courses are not suitable for slow learners.

Language requirements
You must speak English if you want to be admitted to our A1 and A2 courses. Participation in our courses requires knowledge of the English language. At the beginner levels (A1 and A2) there must be a language of instruction. The language of instruction is English. You need to speak/understand English at least at level A2.

If you book our course and do not speak English well, we will cancel your booking. We will charge our administration fee (25 Euros) and refund the rest of your payment.

Please note: If you give us the wrong information about your level of English and during the first lesson it appears that you do not speak English well, your admission will be directly canceled. You will not be allowed to participate in the course anymore. You will not receive any refund.

The Dutch Placement (Admission) Test
We accept a limited number of students each year. You have to take our online placement (admission) test before you book our Dutch course. The test is mandatory. You can only enroll in our Dutch course if you have passed our online Admission test.

Students who intend to enroll in a Dutch course at the Dutch Academy Eindhoven and who have previously studied the Dutch language elsewhere must complete the Dutch Placement Test for A2 or B1 level. Students who have never studied the language must complete the Placement (Admission) Test for New Students.

By taking our placement test you agree to receive the newsletter, offers, and announcements from the Dutch Academy Eindhoven. Your name and email address will not be shared with any third party. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

We provide our placement test free of charge under these conditions:
We allow to take our placement test only once. If you wish to take our placement test more than once, you must get our permission. If you take our placement test more times without contacting us, we will charge you 25 Euros for every time you take the test without our permission. The administration fee is non-refundable.

If you book our course without taking the placement test, we will suspend your booking and ask you to take the test. If you do not pass the test (or you do not want to take the test), we will charge you an administration fee (25 Euros) and refund the rest of your payment. Payment fees for PayPal or credit card payments are not refundable.

Student account
You need a student account for e-learning and homework. Your account will be automatically generated after booking. Please use the same email address for every booking and your student account (Student Dashboard).

Do you have a partner? Book your courses separately. You and your partner need to use your own email addresses and have different accounts with us. Otherwise you will not be able to take our tests and receive your Dutch certificate.