Dutch Academy Eindhoven offers intensive Dutch language courses to highly educated foreigners who are non-native speakers. This intensive Dutch course is not intended for absolute beginners.

If you are learning Dutch for your job or career, then the Business Dutch Private Course is for you! It will help you communicate better in everyday professional situations. Our Private Business Dutch course will prepare you for professional life and help you compete in the world of business with Dutch language proficiency and experience.

Business Dutch Basics

  1. Vocabulary for daily work
  2. Dutch for interviews
  3. Talking with colleagues
  4. Phone calls
  5. Giving presentations
Business Dutch Intermediate Topics
  1. Dutch for meetings and negotiations
  2. Networking & small talk
  3. Letters & e-mails
  4. Dutch for Different Business Areas

Private Intensive Dutch course: Business Dutch for 1 person >
Start: This/next week
Location: Virtual classroom (online)

Option 1

Hours: 20 hours (10 classes x 2 hours)
Duration: 10 weeks (10 classes of 2 hours each)
Lessons: Once a week

Option 2

Hours: 20 hours (10 classes x 2 hours)
Duration: 5 weeks (10 classes of 2 hours each)
Lessons: Twice a week

Homework: 100 hours (10 hours per week)
Class size: Only you
Starting level: A0 Beginner

+ Online materials: Dutch vocabulary
+ Online materials: Survival Dutch
+ Online materials: Dutch Essentials
+ Online materials: Business Dutch
+ Online materials: Dutch video
+ Online materials: Dutch online exercises
+ Online materials: Dutch pronunciation (video + audio)
+ Online materials: NT2 state exam – NT2 examen
+ Online materials: Civic Integration Exam – Inburgeringsexamen

+ Online tests: Dutch online tests + Certificate of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

+ Online book: Online Book Simpel Nederlands (included)
+ Online book: Online Textbook + audio (included)

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