Dutch Academy Eindhoven offers intensive Dutch language courses to highly educated foreigners who are non-native speakers. This intensive Dutch course is intended for absolute beginners. During the course, you will learn to communicate in Dutch in everyday situations. Throughout the course priority is given to understanding and producing basic spoken Dutch for survival. In this intensive Dutch course, students deal with the entire elementary grammar of Dutch and build up a vocabulary of about 1.000 words within 11 weeks. The course concludes with a final online test. When you complete your Dutch course, you will receive a certificate of Dutch Academy Eindhoven.

Classroom activities
The course activities are founded upon various tasks. These tasks are functional, and are directly linked to a concrete situation, such as ‘having conversations with people on the street’ or ‘a basic job interview’. By using multimedia, the teacher provides learners with opportunities to develop the four language skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking.

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Dutch Course Eindhoven certificate A1

Start: 2 Feb 2023
Course days: Tuesday, Thursday 18:00-20:00
Location: Virtual Classroom (Online)

Dutch course: Beginners A1 level = Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3 >
Duration: 11 weeks (22 classes of 2 hours each)
Lessons: Twice a week
Hours: 44 hours (22 classes x 2 hours)
Homework: 10 hours per week (e-learning: 110 hours)
Class size: 8-12 participants
Starting level: A0 Beginner
Materials: Book Simpel Nederlands, hand-outs*
Speaking practice: Additional Online Speaking sessions with native Dutch speakers (every week)

*Course materials not included (50 euro)

Dutch Course Eindhoven


Our Intensive Dutch Course consists of 3 parts:

1. Online Dutch Lessons with our Dutch teacher every week

2. Speaking Practice with Native Dutch speakers every week*

3. Online Learning (Homework) every week

*Our Native Dutch speakers are online every evening except Saturdays and Sundays. If you already speak a little of Dutch, you can start practising this week!



   Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3 = Beginners A1 level 

Dutch Course Eindhoven A1 level

What our students are saying?

Hybrid class (Online and Face-to-face together)

Any plans for traveling? No time to come to the classroom? Became ill? Can't make it to class on time? Want to stay home? No problem! This is a hybrid course! You can join our Dutch classes online from anywhere in the world, or come to our classroom in Eindhoven!

What is a hybrid class? Online and Face-to-Face students will be merged in a hybrid course (online and offline students following the same lesson in one class at the same time). It means that some students will be participating from their homes and some of them will come to the class. The maximum number of participants is 12 (online + offline students). Online and offline students will be able to participate equally in the lessons and get exactly the same amount of attention from the teacher. The only difference is that you will be staying at home or sitting in the classroom. You have the freedom to try both the online format and the face-to-face lessons (to see what works best for you) during the course, as long as you notify us in advance.

Start learning Dutch Today!

You do not have to wait until the start of your Dutch lessons with our teachers! We offer a free online pre-course for our students! You will gain access to it directly after your booking so you can start learning Dutch with video lessons, audio, flashcards and vocabulary lists.

You can always cancel your booking without any reason up to 2 weeks before the beginning of your course completely free of charge! Just send us an email and we will provide you a 100% refund within 48 hours! 

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