Do you already know everything about:
1. Dutch spelling rules?
2. Dutch pronunciation?

Can you:
3. write at A1 level?
4. understand Dutch at A1 level?
5. speak at A1 level?
6. read at A1 level?

If you don’t already have all these skills at A1 level, your fellow students may have difficulty doing exercises with you. This can be frustrating for them and slow down their progress. We think it is very important that everyone in the same group has the same level of knowledge and language skills. If you do not yet master this knowledge and these skills at A1 level or do not want to book the A2 admission test, you can book our A1 course.

If you want to register for our A2 course, we invite you to book a personal A2 admission test with our teacher. He will check your level of Dutch via an online meeting by using a webcam. If you book any Dutch course with us, we will reimburse these costs by giving you a discount of 35 euros.

We will contact you by e-mail immediately after your booking to make an online appointment via Google Meet.