Are you going to B1 level? Please reserve your spot!

We offer a limited number of B1 courses every year. The upcoming B1 Dutch Courses are already fully booked. Usually, our B1 courses are full 2-4 months before the start. You can not participate in the next B1 course without reservation!

Can I reserve a spot?

You can only make a reservation if your score from the online A2 Step 1 test is above 80%.

How can you reserve a spot?

Please do not wait until the last moment! Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis in order of receiving of requests. If you want to make a reservation, you need to do a pre-booking below by paying 50% course fees. If you pass your online end test, you are expected to pay the rest of the fee within 24 hours after your last lesson. You can then apply all discounts you have earned. Please contact us immediately after your last lesson to make your final payment. You can cancel/change your next course 14 days prior to the start date of your B1 course free of charge. Is the course below already full? Please send us an email. If someone will cancel, we will let you know!

How long is my reservation valid?

Your reservation will automatically expire within 24 hours after your last lesson if we did not receive your final payment! Your reservation will be automatically cancelled and a refund will be sent to your bank account. Your spot will be given to another student. You will not receive any reminders from us. Please contact us immediately after your last lesson to make your final payment.

Can I enroll in the next level if I make a reservation?

No. Your reservation is not your registration for your next course! You only pay 50% of the course fees. Only when you have passed your online end test and we have received your last (second) payment, you are officially registered for the next course!

Do you have another course?

We do not have any other upcoming B1 courses at this moment. There will be no other courses that start earlier. We will start new courses in the future and publish them below. We can put you on our B1 waiting list if you like. Please send us an email.

Dutch Course Eindhoven TeacherTeacher Philippe

Dutch Course Online B1 Pre-booking 50%StartSpotsPriceBook Dutch course

Saturday, 11:15-13:15, 18 weeks, Online

fully booked!


Saturday, 11:15-13:15, 18 weeks, Eindhoven

fully booked!