Copyright Student Agreement

Dear student,

By registering for your course you have agreed to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. There it is clearly indicated that no recording, taking photos or copying of our materials, lessons, book Simpel Nederlands and websites are allowed. It will be also explained in the first lesson.

We have recently found out that (at least) one of our students was illegally making recordings of an online lesson (students and teachers included). Also, another student was making photos a while ago. Things like these may have serious legal consequences. We take the copyright of our intellectual property, the privacy of our students and the Dutch law very seriously!

We want to make sure you know and understand the copyright and privacy rules and the consequences of breaking them. That is why every student of Dutch Academy has to sign the Individual Copyright Student Agreement. This agreement is a part of Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy of Dutch Academy Eindhoven.

Please download your Copyright Student Agreement and fill in:

  • your official name on each page
  • your level
  • your group
  • date

You need also to sign your personal Copyright Student Agreement and send it to us before the start of your course. You will not be permitted to your lessons if we will not receive your Personal Copyright Student Agreement.

Teacher Philippe

Dutch courses Eindhoven

Download your Copyright Student Agreement