Please take note!

You speak only one language, according to your answer. From my experience, I can tell that learning a second language requires much more effort and time than learning a third language. Our Dutch course is best suited for people who have already learned a foreign language as an adult. They are already familiar with the learning of a new language. I just want to inform you that the pace of our Dutch course may be too intensive for you as it happened to some other people in the past. It does not mean that you can not enroll in our Dutch course. If you are confident in your learning and you will pass our placement test, you are welcome to enroll in our Dutch Course. Please take our placement test:

1. Have you never studied the Dutch language before? Then you must complete our Placement Test for New Students first >
2. Have you previously studied the A1 Dutch level at another language school? Then you must complete our A2 level Placement Test first >
3. Have you previously studied the A2 Dutch level at another language school? Than you must complete our B1 level Dutch Placement Test first >

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