1. You must speak English well and pass our Placement Test in order to be admitted to our Dutch course.
  2. Registration only happens after the receipt of the completed and signed registration form. Through registering you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  3. Students will be registered in the order in which their registration forms are received.
  4. Fully booked course means that all 12 spots in the course are taken. You cannot enroll in the course. You can enroll in our next course >.

Start of the course

  1. Group lessons can only be offered if there is a minimum of 8 students. Should a course have to be cancelled or rescheduled, we will inform you at least three working days in advance. You will not be charged.
  2. Dutch Academy Eindhoven offers open admission for all Dutch courses to all students and non-students. It is a first-come-first-serve principle. We recommend that you reserve your seat in our course as early as possible by paying a course fee.

Pre-course & Personal Copyright Student Agreement

You must complete our pre-course and send your Personal Copyright Student Agreement before your first lesson!

Please take note, you will not be permitted to our lessons if:

  1. you will not complete your Pre-course before your first lesson or
  2. we did not receive/approve your Personal Copyright Student Agreement before your first lesson.

Class size

Our standard class size is 12 students per group. In exceptional cases we can allow 1 or max 2 more students to participate in one group.

Hybrid class (Online and Face-to-face together)

Some Online Dutch students and Face-to-Face students in Eindhoven could be merged in a hybrid course (online and offline students following the same lesson in one class at the same time). It means that some students will be following and participating from their homes and some of them will come to the class.

Online and offline students will be able to participate equally in the lessons and get exactly the same amount of attention from the teacher. The only difference is that you will be staying at home or sitting in the classroom.

Every student has the freedom to try both the online format and the face-to-face lessons (to see what works best for you) during the course as long as you notify us in advance. There may be a constraint for the maximum number of students in the physical classroom.