Dutch residence permit | Dutch citizenship

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Our business partner MVV Advies Agency helps and advises you on questions about visas, immigration, or how to obtain Dutch citizenship.

For example: you have a relationship with someone from a country outside the European Union (EU). You would like him/her to come live with you in the Netherlands.

Which requirements and conditions does each of you have to satisfy to realize this goal? How can the foreign partner prepare him/herself for the immigration examination? What happens then? I can help you with this.

Another example: you live in the Netherlands and you have a visa for residence and you would like to become a Dutch citizen. What is the minimum number of years you are required to have lived in the Netherlands to become a naturalized Dutch citizen; do you have the appropriate visa to apply for a Dutch passport; and are you required to have Dutch writing skills? I can help and advise you with this.

My name is Peter Ploeger and I’ve done this work already for many years now. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me via email, LinkedIn, phone or Whatsapp o6-40142044.

Consultant Peter Ploeger | www.mvvadvies.nl