You have completed Dutch Academy Eindhoven Placement (admission) Test for New Students.

Unfortunately, our Dutch course will not meet your expectations. We do not want you to get disappointed in the future. Please consider looking for a course elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.


This conclusion is based on your answers. Maybe you made a mistake? If you really want to learn Dutch, please send me your motivation below or reply to my email (check your spam box). I will check your test and answers.

Dutch Course Eindhoven TeacherTeacher Philippe

Dutch Course Eindhoven

Please take note, we only allow our Placement (admission) test to be taken once (one time)! If you would like to take your placement test again, you must contact us and request our permission to take the placement test a second time for free. If you take our placement test a second or third time without contacting us, we will charge you 25 euro for every time you have taken our test without our permission. In this case, you will receive an invoice by email that you have provided us with the test. We check all Placement (admission) tests.

Dutch Course Eindhoven

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