Our building Dynamo is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus but we are not closed! For the coming time, you are going to have your lessons in our Virtual classroom via the internet.
Dutch Course Eindhoven TeacherTeacher Philippe

Dutch course Eindhoven

Dutch Course Eindhoven

Dutch course Eindhoven

Dear Student,

As you already know the Coronavirus has arrived in Eindhoven. Our building Dynamo is temporarily closed due to this virus. We all want to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, we can not temporarily stop our lessons because of a couple of reasons. Some of our students have already made plans for their holidays and business travel (working holiday). They can not extend the duration of their course. Also, there are already new groups starting right after your course. These people are waiting for the start of their courses. We can not let these people down.

Your Dutch lessons via internet

We have found a solution to this situation: For the coming time, you are going to have your lessons in our Virtual classroom via the internet. You will see your teacher as well as your fellow students and will be able to talk to them. You will follow your lessons you are used to but this time you do not have to come to our academy. The Dutch Academy will come to you (via the internet of course:)!

Please do understand this is a temporary emergency measure. We all want to avoid catching the coronavirus but we also have to go on with our lives.

If the situation in Eindhoven will get normal, and the local government will give positive advice, we will resume our lessons at Dutch Academy Eindhoven. We want to do it as soon as possible but without putting anyone at risk. Thank you for your understanding!

When do you have your next lesson?

You will have your online lessons at the same time as your group lessons but this time via the internet. Please download your course planner and join your Virtual classroom 5 -10 min before the start of your lesson.

How do you join our Virtual Classroom?

Please read this page. You will find all information there:


Thank you!

Best regards,
Teachers Philippe & Maurice
Dutch Academy Eindhoven